Licensed, Safe & Secure

Royal Hawaiian Movers has been the most trusted transportation company since 1982, safely moving customers between and from the Hawaiian Islands. Proudly maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Royal Hawaiian Movers number one priority is the safety of your belongings. Our team of movers is highly skilled and efficient, taking every precaution to ensure proper care is taken every step of the way. Royal Hawaiian Movers has the capacity and resources to safely move your goods anywhere in the world.

Liability Coverage


Royal’s Liability
Royal Hawaiian Movers’ standard liability on Interstate moves is $.60 cents per pound per article. This liability is included in all of our mainland moves. Royal Hawaiian Movers’ standard liability on intra-state (inter-island) moves is $.30 cents per pound per article. This liability is included in all of our Inter-island moves.

Full Replacement Value Protection
Protection on damages/losses-Royal Hawaiian Movers can offer Full Replacement Value protection on your move. This option comes at an additional cost, but it is designed to cover your items for the cost of full replacement or repair in the event that something happens to them during transit.

Law federally mandates full Replacement Value Protection. It is a requirement for all licensed movers and freight forwarders to offer this protection. The protection requires the mover or forwarder to replace the good at its full replacement value regardless of the age of the item. For a more detailed explanation, please visit the Department of Transportation website and view the tab for understanding valuation and insurance options.

Links to additional info: – ready to move handout, rights and responsibilities

The liabilities for freight, trucking and other transportation services vary by service type, please contact us for more information.


Royal Hawaiian Movers’ top priority is you, our customer. We know when it comes to choosing a moving company, keeping your belongings secure is at the top of your list. Here at Royal Hawaiian Movers we go above and beyond to take the proper measures in ensuring the security of your goods. During your move, all boxes, crates and shipping containers are properly and securely sealed shut, and remain sealed until delivery. If we are delivering your belongings to one of our secure warehouses, rest assured our 24-hour surveillance cameras keeps a watch on your goods when you can’t. When it comes to security, Royal Hawaiian Movers has you covered.


At Royal Hawaiian Movers, we are dedicated to excellence and providing you the most qualified professionals to make your relocation seamless. The following certifications are our promise to you, that no matter where you are moving, Royal Hawaiian Movers is the moving and transportation company with the expertise to get you there.

  • AMSA Pro Movers
  • Certified Moving Consultants
  • Hazardous Materials Certified Drivers
  • Transportation Worker Identification Card

License Information:

DOT License # 227698
DOT Motor Carrier License # 165352
DOT Freight Forwarder License # 003549
Hawaii PUC # 85-C