So you’re thinking about moving to Hawaii, eh?  Did you know that apartment and home rentals in Hawaii, on average, are considerably more expensive than those on the mainland?  See below for a more in-depth look at the cost of living in Hawaii.

HAWAIIAN ISLAND                    AVERAGE RENT*                    AVERAGE WAGE

Honolulu                                              $1,600                                            $13

Maui                                                     $1,500                                            $13

Kauai                                                    $1,300                                            $11.75

Big Island                                             $1,000                                            $11

*Reflects the average cost of a two-bedroom apartment as per the National Low Income Housing Coalition

Remember, about 90% of all food in Hawaii is imported, which means that all around prices are higher than what you would typically see on the U.S. mainland. There are 3 great exceptions, of course:

  1. Costco
  2. Wal-Mart
  3. Sam’s Club

You can find some amazing prices on items at any of these larger stores, but of course, don’t forget to support the locals when and where you can!

That’s it!  You are now ready for your move to Hawaii!  Now….all you need to do is find a safe and reliable professional moving company to help get you there.  Fortunately, Royal Hawaiian Movers just happens to specialize in just that!  Call today!

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