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Just how big is the Big Island of Hawaiʻi? More than 4,000 square miles—and growing with every volcanic eruption. (That’s about the size of Delaware and Rhode Island combined!)

The Big Island’s vast landscape is also a diverse one, with a wide variety of microclimates, elevations, and types of terrain.

That’s why it pays to work with a moving company that knows the Big Island inside and out. Hiring a mover that’s familiar with all of the different areas of the island and its the unique moving challenges will make for a simple, stress-free move.

On the Hilo (windward) side of the Big Island, moving companies have to contend with things like:

  • Narrow streets and roads, which can make for tricky access or challenging parking
  • Steep roads and driveways that can’t be navigated by larger equipment
  • Low-hanging wires that can restrict access
  • Difficult-to-see or missing street signs and mile markers
  • Traffic and congestion, especially in and around Hilo town

Plus, we get our share of rain on the windward side of the Big Island.

Trust the Royal Hawaiian Team for a safe, easy, and affordable move. Our experienced crews are used to driving all kinds of roads in all kinds of weather—wind and precipitation included. And between our Hilo and Kona teams, no one knows the Big Island better.

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Locally Based Hilo Movers

When moving on the Big Island, it pays to work with someone who knows the island inside and out. You need a mover who’s familiar with the different neighborhoods, these include things like:

  • Narrow streets and roads, which can prevent access or limit parking
  • Steep roads and driveways that can be difficult to negotiate with larger equipment
  • Missing or difficult-to-see street signage and mile markers
  • Growing traffic and congestion, especially in and around Hilo town and Kailua-Kona

As you get farther from the town center, roads do get narrower, but they’re nothing our crews haven’t navigated before. Hawaiian Paradise Park is a major hub of activity on the windward side of the Big Island. There are still plenty of undeveloped pieces of property in this planned community, and residents love its rural feel.

In Hawaiian Paradise Park, some roads are managed by the HOA however, if you live down one of the unpaved roads or your driveway won’t accommodate larger equipment—just let our team know. Moving on Hilo to the Mountain View area can involve similar small and even one-lane gravel roads.

In the residential areas of Hawaiian Beaches, the roads can get a bit narrow—and we may choose to use smaller trucks if space is tight around your house. In cases like these, moving on The Big Island we’ll ferry your items to a staging area and load on a larger truck.

When moving to Hilo – Āinaloa, we’ve learned they’re updating roads from gravel to paved, which can mean pretty consistent street work in the area. Our experienced crews know how to navigate in construction areas!

The Hāmākua Coast is a site of frequent construction to upgrade the island’s transportation infrastructure. Narrow, one-lane bridges and sharp turns like ʻĀhualoa into Māmalahoa Highway. Also for example, Hawaii Belt Road can make for challenging navigation, especially in larger vehicles.

Fern Acres Community Association is at work on widening shoulders, improving drainage, and clearing trees and vegetation that may restrict access in some places, road quality and access still varies from property to property.

When you reach out for a quote, we’ll walk you through a few questions to determine the best plan for accessing your home easily—and safely.

We Do Hilo Moves of All Sizes to All Destinations

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(Our Teams Can Get You Anywhere on the Big Island!)

Since opening our Big Island offices in 2001, we’ve helped our customers relocate to and from locations all over the island. We’ve navigated everything from the narrow streets of Hilo town to unpaved rural roads to one-lane bridges to safely move our customers’ belongings where they need to go. No location on the Big Island is too remote for us.

Hilo Moves

You’ll find a number of different housing types in and around Hilo, including condos and single-family homes. Relocations in and around Hilo town tend to be pretty straightforward, although finding a spot to park a container or larger equipment can be a challenge.

With a versatile fleet—and a nearby warehouse in Keaʻau—we’ll put together a solution that minimizes disruption within your neighborhood, while allowing us to get as close as possible to your home for safe transportation of your belongings.

We’re also happy to assist with moves outside of Hilo town—Pāpaʻikou, Pepeʻekeo, Paukaʻa, and beyond.

Puna & Kaʻu Moves

The residential neighborhoods in the Puna District each offer their own distinct character—along with a few quirks.

In neighborhoods like Hawaiian Paradise Park, Hawaiian Beaches, Hawaiian Acres, and Orchidland Estates, our crews have encountered unpaved, narrow roads that can require careful navigation. In ʻĀinaloa, street work has become common as the HOA paves some of the older gravel roads. In Mountain View, road quality varies considerably from address to address. In Fern Acres, vegetation can occasionally restrict access by larger trucks.

No matter where in Puna you’re headed—including Kurtistown and Leilani Estates—we can handle moves of all sizes and destinations with ease. Our crews are well-equipped to anticipate any challenges your move might present—and they have the experience to respond with flexibility when the unexpected arises.

We also handle moves to and from places like Pāhala in the Kaʻu District. Just tell us where from and where to, and our crew will make your move happen.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all our years of Hilo moves, it’s this: Every home and every move is different. We approach them all with that in mind, and we handle them all with the highest levels of care.

Hāmākua Moves

Having two offices on the Big Island gives us the flexibility to handle moves all over the Big Island, even to spots like Honokaʻa in the Hāmākua District. Along the coast, you’ll find incredible coastal views—as well as a few navigational challenges, such as construction, one-lane bridges, and sharp curves. Our drivers are experts at navigating the Big Island terrain, so Hāmākua moves are no problem, whether you live close to Honokaʻa town or in a more remote part of the Hāmākua District.

To discuss timing and pricing for your Big Island move, request a complimentary quote, and we’ll be in touch!

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