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International Moving Services

Trust the Hawaii Experts with Global Experience. When you’re moving from Hawaii to an international destination, you need a partner who understands global logistics as intimately as they know local ones. Royal Hawaiian Movers has the experience, the expertise and the relationships that make international moves easy.

The local knowledge to make your move seamless, the global expertise to make it stress-free

Because of its isolated position in the Pacific Ocean, moving to international destinations from Hawaii requires a high level of logistics expertise.

With almost 40 years of experience, plus local teams, trucks and warehouses on each of the four main Hawaiian islands, we have the singular ability to handle any move that starts in Hawaii. As part of The DeWitt Companies network of sister companies, Royal Hawaiian Movers also has the international relationships and reach that allow us to get you to any global destination, safely and securely.

We make complex international moves simple

If you’re leaving the islands for an international destination, we’ll send you to your new home with aloha—and we’ll help you make a stress-free transition. We’ll give you a single point of contact for any questions, and we’ll deliver seamless service from start to finish. Wherever your final destination, the Royal Hawaiian Movers ohana will help you get there.

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We handle moves of all sizes and types—to over 100 countries internationally

We handle moves of all sizes and types—to over 100 countries internationally Moving internationally comes with a unique set of challenges. Starting from Hawaii can make things a bit trickier. At Royal Hawaiian Movers, we’re up for the challenge. We’ve shipped everything you can think of to, from and around the Hawaiian Islands—and to all kinds of destinations internationally.

If you’re moving an entire household to an international destination, we can help with that. Have a smaller shipment that doesn’t require a container? We can arrange for a consolidated shipment, so you only pay for the space you need. We can even help you move your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, as well as anything that requires special handling, such as fine art or musical instruments.

We can get you anywhere in the world. Along with our DeWitt sister companies, we’ve moved customers to over 100 destinations globally. Along the way, we’ve established close relationships with the best of the best—partners who we’ve vetted and worked with personally—to make sure that you receive the highest level of customer service throughout your move. Plus, you’ll have a dedicated member of our team to manage your move from start to finish, so you always know who to call in case you have any questions.

Your move, customized to your needs and budget

After nearly 40 years of executing tens of thousands of moves, we know that no relocation is the same. Our goal is to custom-tailor a moving solution to your needs and budget.

We start every move with a complimentary, no-obligation quote. When you contact us, we’ll send out a Certified Moving Consultant to walk through the items you want to ship. By surveying your items in person, we’ll be able to create a quote that accurately reflects your real moving costs.

Your Certified Moving Consultant will also investigate how you want to move. Are you more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, or do you need the convenience of a done-for-you solution, where we pack and unpack all of your belongings? We offer solutions for both.

Based on your feedback, your Certified Moving Consultant will put together a quote just for you. They’ll also walk you through all of the options, so you know you’re making the right decision.

Tell us more about yourself and your needs, so we can begin to create a complimentary, no-obligation custom moving quote for you.

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The Four Factors Behind Our Stress-Free International Moves

When you choose Royal Hawaiian Movers for your international relocation, you’ll enjoy four advantages that make us your best choice for a seamless, simple and safe move: 

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Vetted Partners in Over 100 Countries

To complete the final leg of international relocations, we’ve established partnerships with local moving companies all over the globe. We only work with companies we’ve vetted personally to ensure that all aspects of your move are delivered with the highest standards of service.

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Complete Ownership from Start to Finish

Even though our international partners may make the final delivery, we’ll manage all the details so your move is seamless from the moment it starts until the last box is unpacked

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Customs Expertise to Minimize Potential Issues

Our international relationships keep us on top of the latest customs regulations. We’ll make sure you complete the right procedures and paperwork so your shipment moves through customs with ease.

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Commitment to Clear Communication

We’ll never leave you wondering. Throughout your move, your Royal Hawaiian Movers team member will keep you updated so you know exactly what’s going on at every phase of your relocation.