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We’re proud and honored to have been serving the people of Hawaii for more than 35 years. We started out as a small operation serving primarily the U.S. military, moving service men and women on and off the islands to stations all over the world. Since those humble beginnings, we are now the largest moving company in the state, offering commercial moving services, corporate relocations, trucking, and freight forwarding services. And we are also the only mover in Hawaii with warehouse locations on all four major islands.

It’s been an exciting journey since those early days, one that has been powered by one thing – Ohana. As Hawaiians know, Ohana means family. In our sense as a business, it means family as well as teamwork. As we all know, it’s difficult to move a sofa by yourself. You need a person on each side. To us, Ohana means working together to accomplish a goal together, and taking care of one another along the way.

Our customers – whether they are military members, local residents or businesses in need of relocation services – entrust us with their life possessions. We take that responsibility seriously and it’s important that we treat their things with attention and care. We think of our customers as family, too, and it’s important to us that their experience is stress-free.

We’ve been in the moving business in Hawaii since 1982. We’re the experts in moving people, whether it’s down the street or to another country, and we want our customers to be able to focus on other things in life that are more important to them. We strive to make their moving experience easy. That means making it convenient for them in all aspects of their move – from moving day and everything before and after. It needs to be a friction-less process.

We understand that people have different needs when it comes to moving. Some people just need to move a couple of things, while some need to move their 10,000 square foot house. Some people are moving their daughter to college, while others are in their retirement years and looking to start a new chapter in Hawaii. Whatever people need, we like to think of our company as the family of movers that can get the job done, from our Ohana to yours.