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Establishing the efficiencies that save you time, money and resources

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Trust the supply chain experts who know how Hawaii works

Effective business operations rely on your supply chain. When it runs smoothly, so does your business. However, when it’s hampered by inefficiencies, it can cost your company big.

When you choose Royal Hawaiian to help you manage your supply chain, you’ll work side-by-side with logistics experts who understand exactly how freight moves in the Hawaiian islands. For decades, we’ve helped some of Hawaii’s biggest names streamline their operations. We know how to create the solutions that work within the state’s unique logistics flow to establish the efficiencies that save you time, money and resources.

Warehousing & Distribution

We provide flexible, scalable inventory management solutions custom-fit for your business.

Leave all the details to us

Supplying an island chain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean comes with a unique set of logistical challenges. Do you ship everything to a warehouse in Oahu and distribute from there? Or do you ship directly to the island that needs inventory now? What about storage and delivery? What’s the best way to handle returns?

We’ve tackled all of these issues and more. We’ll help you establish the supply chain flows that work best for your operation, so you have inventory and supplies where you need it, when you need it—while keeping costs down.

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Need help overseeing all the moving parts of your logistics?

Let us handle the details, so you can focus on the big picture. Our experts will manage the day-to-day logistics to keep your supplies, inventory and returns moving the way they should. We’ll help you spot bottlenecks, create solutions for your tough freight challenges—and we’ll manage the whole process seamlessly.

Looking for warehousing and distribution solutions?

With warehouses and dedicated fleets on all four major islands, we can custom create the solutions to optimize your supply chain from start to finish. Whether you need door-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-door solutions, we have the resources to make it happen and the expertise to make it easy. We can also help you with economical warehousing options in which you only pay for the space you need.

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