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8 Moving Supplies You Can’t Pack Without 

You’ve decided to move. You’ve found a new place to live. You’ve chosen your date for Moving Day. This is where the rubber meets the road: It’s time to start packing.  Like most of the things you do around your house, packing is worlds easier when you have the right tools. Gathering the right supplies doesn’t have to cost you a bundle. You may own have some of these items already. However, in some cases, shelling out a few dollars to upgrade what you’ve got can make your packing experience even simpler than you might have imagined.  We’ll show you what we mean as we walk you through the eight moving materials you just shouldn’t pack without.  #1: Start a Moving Binder . . . or Something Like […]

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These 9 Simple Packing Tips Will Help You Move with Zero Stress 

Packing all of your earthly possessions—and we do mean ALL of them—strikes fear in the hearts of many. Maybe you feel like it’s a huge task that could consume countless hours of precious time. Or perhaps you have no idea where to start, which might make you put off packing until the last minute. And just about everyone worries about getting everything done in time. Finally, if it’s been a while since you last moved, you might feel even more stressed about the milestones, mishaps and mistakes.  We move thousands of families to, from and throughout the Hawaiian islands every year, and we’ve learned a thing or two during our 35+ years in the business.   In this article, we’re […]

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