For Local Moves Your items are typically transported in one of our covered box trucks.

Containerized Method

Larger shipments not requiring storage will typically be loaded directly into a steamship container. These steel containers come in 20ft., 40ft. and 45ft. lengths. A steamship container will be loaded at your origin residence and then transported to the nearest ocean port, where it will be loaded on a ship that arrives at the port closest to your final destination.

Liftvan Method

For smaller shipments, and for shipments that require storage at origin or destination, we will use the wooden liftvan method of transportation. In this method, we will load your items into wooden liftvan crates at your origin address. These crates are approximately 7 ft. tall x 4 ft. wide x 7 ft. deep, and typically hold around 1,000 pounds of goods from an average home. We can use a series of these crates to accommodate all of your goods. This method is useful when you are unsure of your final destination and you will require us store your goods.

If you require storage via the containerized method, we would have to offload your items from the container into the liftvan crates for storage, which requires extra handling, and therefore, additional charges.

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