Between the beautiful beaches, natural landscape and island attitude, it isn’t hard to imagine why so many people are drawn to the idea of moving to Hawaii. Whether it’s trading a hectic life in the city for colorful jungles and breath-taking waterfalls or leaving a stressful work environment for a more peaceful state of mind, Hawaii has a lot to offer for those who move there. Island life is surrounded by natural beauty and tends to move a little slower than the mainland. However, this tranquility does come at a price with the cost of living in Hawaii being higher than most cities. Before packing your bags and calling Hawaii home, be sure to do your research so you can easily adjust to Hawaii cost of living.

Maui County (Maui)

Maui’s beaches are consistently ranked as some of the best in the world, making it a hugely popular tourist destination. Keep in mind that most jobs here will be in the tourism industry, since the majority of large corporations are headquartered in Honolulu or on the Big Island. In terms of housing, owning property in Hawaii is very expensive, and not a viable option for many families. However, there are still plenty of reasonable rental options in Maui County, with rent prices that are comparable to major cities on the mainland (San Francisco, New York, San Diego).

Honolulu County (Oahu)

  • Per capita income: $29,516
  • Unemployment rate: 3.86%

Oahu has one of the most diverse lifestyles to offer out of the Hawaiian islands. From the metropolitan bustle (and amenities) of Honolulu, the historic Pearl Harbor and the clear blue waters of Kailua Beach are just some of the attractions that make Oahu the most visited island in Hawaii. The city of Honolulu offers more than sweeping cityscapes; it also is home to the state’s largest employers. Oahu can thank large employers like the University of Hawaii, Hawaiian Electric Industries and Hawaiian Airlines for their low unemployment rate.

The expensive living in the city of Honolulu significantly drives up the average cost of living for the county, so if you’re looking for a more affordable neighborhood, be sure to check out some others. Wahiawa, Hauula, Laie and Kahuku offer more affordable housing but require a longer commute into the city.

Kauai County (Kauai)

Kauai’s spectacular scenery and diverse natural landscapes make it the ideal place for someone who is looking to immerse themselves in nature and get away from busy city atmospheres. (It is also one of the most-filmed locations in the world, being featured in movies from Raiders of the Lost Ark to Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean). The lush landscape does come at a steeper cost, with a smaller amount of chain stores and affordable rentals driving up the cost of living.

Hawaii County (The Big Island)

If you love the idea of life by the beach, but still want access to stores, nightlife and other city amenities, the Big Island certainly has the most to offer. The island of Hawaii’s living cost is lower than others, though the unemployment rate is currently one of the highest in the state.

Don’t let the slightly higher cost of living discourage you! By doing your homework, learning about the job market, and budgeting your living expenses, you can make the transition to Hawaii a simple one. As you already know, the state’s many benefits speak for themselves.

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