The sheer size of the Big Island can make navigation difficult. Add to that the varying quality and size of the roads—and elevation changes—and it’s no wonder that a Big Island relocation can come with its share of challenges.

When you’re doing a move on the Big Island, you want someone who’s familiar with navigating all of these challenges. On the Kona (leeward) side of the island, these include things like:

  • Narrow streets and roads that restrict navigation and offer limited parking
  • Steep roads and driveways that are tough to negotiate with larger equipment
  • Low-hanging wires that can prevent access in certain areas
  • Traffic and congestion, especially in and around Kailua-Kona

On the Kona side, it stays pretty dry compared to what you’ll see on the Hilo (windward) side. However, every now and then a good storm will kick up some serious wind and rain, which can add yet another complication.

We’ve had offices in Kailua-Kona and Hilo since 2001. In all that time, we’ve managed these issues—and plenty more—to deliver safe, easy, and affordable Big Island moves. We’ve executed moves in and around Kona—and beyond—including:

Kailua-Kona Moves  

In the beautiful community of Kailua-Kona, you’re right in the middle of it all—and you’re never far from the gorgeous coastline. For those who like their weather hot and sunny and their amenities close, Kailua-Kona is the place to be. With fairly wide, well-maintained streets, a move in and around Kailua-Kona is usually fairly simple. The one challenge can be the traffic in the area. However, our drivers are experts at managing their equipment in even the busiest conditions. 

Kalaoa / Kaiminani Moves  

Just north of Kailua-Kona, you’ll find the area often referred to as Kalaoa or Kaiminani, home to more than 12,000 people—as well as the Kona International Airport. As you head toward the residential neighborhoods in Kalaoa, the roads get a little narrower. This might make it make it tough for our crews to access your home. When you schedule your move, we’ll discuss the right approach for moving your belongings safely and easily, which may mean using a smaller van for better maneuverability.   

Waikoloa Village Moves  

Living in Waikoloa Village offers lots of perks: a diverse range of housing types to choose from; an active community association that maintains a golf course, tennis courts, and a pool; and an easy drive to Kailua-Kona and all the amenities found there. The neighborhood’s wide streets generally lend themselves to a simple move. However, if you have special circumstances—or particularly fragile items that need extra care—our experts will happily adapt a plan to make your Waikoloa move easy. 

Hawaiian Ocean View Moves  

Residential development kicked off in Ocean View in the 1950s, with the creation of Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (HOVE). Other developments followed and, today, the population of the Hawaiian Ocean View census-designated place (CDP) is almost 5,000. Road width and quality can vary greatly within the Ocean View area. Additionally, many residents have steep, unpaved driveways, which require careful navigation. However, our teams are more than up for challenges like these. We’ll work closely with you to develop the right approach, no matter where in Ocean View you live. 

Kahaluu-Keauhou Moves  

Living in Kahaluu-Keauhou means enjoying the perks of coastal living—and even spectacular ocean views in some locations. The roads can get pretty narrow in certain parts of Kahaluu-Keauhou, which means it can be tough for us to get larger equipment close to your house. Not to worry! Our team knows how to get creative by utilizing smaller trucks and vans to ferry your items with care to a staging area. If you have concerns, just let us know. We’ll custom-tailor a solution for your move.   

Captain Cook Moves  

Living in Captain Cook offers higher elevations, cool breezes, and the chance to get some distance from the busy hub of Kailua-Kona. The streets in Captain Cook’s residential neighborhoods can be narrow, with significant grades in some areas. Our experts have coordinated plenty of moves in and around Captain Cook, and our crews have plenty of experience navigating the area’s winding roads and tight driveways.   

Holualoa Moves  

Holualoa’s small-town charm is hard to match, and if you’re a coffee lover, there’s nowhere better on the Big Island to be. Holualoa is often called “the heart of Kona’s coffee country,” and it’s easy to see why, with dozens of coffee farms located in the area. Whether you live in one of Holualoa’s coastal neighborhoods, closer to Holualoa town, or further up the slopes of Hualalai, our team will put together a customized plan to execute your move safely and easily. 

Honaunau-Napoopoo Moves  

Honaunau-Napoopoo offers its residents a quieter, more rural feel. However, in Honaunau-Napoopoo, you’re still a manageable drive from Kailua-Kona, with all its conveniences and amenities. If you live down one of Honaunau-Napoopoo’s smaller roads—or you’ve got a narrow driveway to contend with—we can handle it. Our teams know exactly how to choose the right equipment—and maneuver it expertly—so you enjoy a stress-free move. 

North & South Kohala Moves 

When You’re Relocating Beyond Kona 

Having two locations on the Big Island gives us the flexibility to execute moves anywhere on the Big Island, including relocations in the Kohala and North Kohala districts: 

Waimea Moves

The Big Island’s paniolo country is known for its cowboy culture, cool evenings, and expansive ranch land. Living in and around Waimea town also offers a convenient hub to get your errands done while maintaining a laid-back, rural lifestyle. Whether you’re living on a paved road close to Waimea town or you’ve got a more rugged road for us to navigate, our teams can assist with your move in Waimea—or any other location in the South Kohala District.

Hawi & Kapaau Moves 

Living in the remote North Kohala District comes plenty of benefits—a tight-knit community, grand vistas wherever you look, and plenty of fresh, local produce to enjoy. When it comes to navigating their way through Hawi & Kapaau moves, you can count on our teams. No move is too remote and no project is too challenging. Wherever you are in the North Kohala district, we’ll make your move safe, easy, and affordable. 

Trust the Big Island Experts 

Since 2001, we’ve moved individuals and families all over the Big Island. Local moves, interisland moves, and mainland moves—we handle them all.  

If you’ve got a Big Island move coming up, we’d love to assist! Just get started by reaching out to our team. We’ll talk to you about where you’re living now and where you’re headed, then we’ll put together a custom plan for your move. We’ve moved customers to all kinds of locations in Hawaii—and around the world. We’d be happy to help you. 

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