Moving all of your possessions to a new house is already stressful enough. So when you’re selecting a Maui moving company, you want someone who can make it easy for you. Someone who already understands Maui and all of its quirks—the geography of the island, the particulars of your neighborhood, and how to get things done, quickly and easily.

(And, if you’re making an interisland move, even better if that mover also understands the island you’re moving to!)

We’ve had a dedicated team and warehouse on Maui since 2001, so we know the Valley Isle inside and out. We appreciate all of Maui’s upsides—and we understand its moving challenges, including things like:

  • Low-hanging wires that can block access in residential areas
  • Narrow streets, roads, and one-lane bridges
  • Limited parking in high-traffic areas or along neighborhood streets
  • Steep roads and driveways
  • HOA and neighborhood restrictions regarding equipment and containers
  • Traffic, especially construction zones and road closures
  • Navigating all of these while driving a full-sized truck, flatbed, or a truck hauling a fully-loaded container

Looking at this list, it’s easy to see why you’d want an expert guiding your Maui move.

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Kahului Moves

Given its central location, Kahului is quite a convenient place to live. You’re mere minutes from Maui’s major retail stores, grocery stores, banks, and offices, as well as a number of restaurants. By and large, many Kahului streets were designed with commerce in mind, so you’ll find fewer access issues in the area.

However, parking large equipment in some of the area’s subdivisions and apartment complexes can be challenging. When we put together a complimentary quote for you, we’ll come up with a plan for accessing your current home, one that’s in line with any HOA rules or area restrictions.

Kihei–Wailea–Makena Moves

Living in close proximity to Maui’s south shore beaches is a dream come true for many.  The beach is just a short walk away from a number of homes in Kihei, Wailea, and Makena, making it easy to take a morning beach walk or a sunset stroll.

The area has its share of narrow streets and roads, which can make large moves more challenging. However, we’ve done plenty of relocations in the area, so we know exactly what type of equipment to use for each situation. You get a simple, stress-free move, and all of your belongings are carefully removed from your home and loaded up with minimal hassle.

Wailuku Moves

Many parents choose the quiet, family-friendly subdivisions you’ll find in and around Wailuku. Given the neighborhood’s central location, Wailuku is not just a great place for families but also a convenient place to live.

Many residential neighborhoods in Wailuku can’t accommodate a container, and some areas are so narrow that large trucks won’t be able to get access. Depending on your situation—and the size of your move—we might bring a smaller truck or van to your house, then carefully ferry your belongings to our warehouse in Kahului. There, they can be packed into a larger truck for a local move or a container for an interisland or mainland move.

Lahaina Moves

Lahaina’s warmth, sunshine, and easy access to popular surf breaks make it a popular place to live. Plus, Lahaina town has its own unique charm, as well as a diverse roster of bars and restaurants to enjoy.

Some of Lahaina’s narrow residential streets are tough to navigate with full-sized equipment—not to mention that parking equipment can be problematic in certain areas. Your Certified Moving Consultant will work with you to figure out the right way to move your belongings, based on your street and driveway configuration.

Waihee-Waiehu Moves

Living in Waihee-Waiehu can offer a retreat from the busier feel of Wailuku and Kahului, and yet you’re still within a quick drive of those areas’ amenities. Whether you’ve got a house in one of the area’s residential subdivisions or you’re in a detached home on substantial acreage, we’ll make sure to match the size of your move—and the configuration of your house—with the right equipment. All you have to do is request a quote, and we’ll handle the rest.

North Shore: Paia–Haiku–Pauwela Moves

Maui’s North Shore offers quiet, peaceful living. Whether you love the sun and warmth in Paia or you’re more in tune with Haiku-Pauwela’s lush, tropical landscape, you’ll find plenty of possibilities along Maui’s northern coast. We’ve handled moves in and out of Skill Village’s single-family homes, as well as multi-family moves on large Haiku estates. We also know how to navigate the area’s twisty roads, narrow lanes, and driveways.

Upcountry: Pukalani–Makawao Moves

Living Upcountry comes with a number of perks: gorgeous views of the island, more moderate temperatures, cool breezes, and a quieter atmosphere than you’ll find around Maui’s touristy spots. Even though you’ll be living farther from central Maui’s amenities, there are still a few charming stores, restaurants, and bars Upcountry in case you don’t feel like going all the way down to Kahului or Kihei.

Living in Pukalani or Makawao can also mean narrow roads, steep driveways, and tight turnarounds. Some larger properties are simple to access with a container truck or flatbed. Others may require a little more creativity on our part—but we’re happy to make it happen! We’ve done all kinds of moves Upcountry, and we’re happy to help with yours.

Upcountry: Moves to Kula, Keokea

Kula’s rolling hills and farm lands make for a picturesque place to live. With residential subdivisions alongside multi-acre properties, you’ll have a number of different lifestyles available to you in Kula—and plenty of steep roads. Our drivers are skilled at navigating the different elevations and grades you’ll find in the Kula area, so you can focus on all the other aspects of your move. (Like getting your utilities set up in your new home!)

We also handle remote moves! If you’re in Keokea—or on a more remote homestead beyond—we’re happy to come to you and help with your move. No move on Maui is too far, remote, or challenging for our crew of experts.

Kapalua–Napili–Honokowai Moves

In addition to beautiful coastal views, the Kapalua–Napili–Honokowai area also has a wide diversity of housing types. You’ll find everything from single-family homes to condos to large estates in the area—and we’ve moved people in and out of every one of them.

If you’re looking at a long walk from your condo to the parking/loading area, restrictions on what kind of equipment we can use, or specific windows for scheduling your move, we’ll work closely with you to make it all happen. Or, if you’re doing a large, multi-bedroom house move and you want us to bring a container right to your property, we can do that, too. Just reach out to our team, and we’ll create a custom solution for you.

Your Maui Moving Solution for All Destinations

We’re happy to assist with Maui moves of all sizes—to all destinations. Our Maui team does mainland moves, local moves, and interisland moves. Plus, with teams and locations on Oahu, Kauai, and both sides of the Big Island (Kailua-Kona and Hilo), you’ll benefit from that same local knowledge on all four of Hawaii’s major islands.

To get started, request a complimentary quote. A member of our Kahului-based team will reach out to gather the information we’ll need to get you an estimate. We’d love to help you make a safe, easy, and affordable Maui move.

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