Shipping heavy equipment to Hawaii
Industrial equipment and machinery transported (and stored) across all the Hawaiian islands

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Getting heavy equipment and machinery to Hawaii from the mainland, or from one island to another, doesn’t have to come at a heavy cost or be a heavy burden for you.

Royal Hawaiian Movers has the experienced staff and shipping expertise to optimize the transportation of construction vehicles, tractors, cranes, bulldozers, and any oversize load to and from Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.

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Project planning and paperwork

Moving your heavy equipment to and around Hawaii is a vastly different task than doing so on the mainland. Not only is the topography different from island to island (and also within each island), but there are often road closures, construction, or other events (both natural and manmade) that can severely inhibit the ability to move oversized or heavy cargo.

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Storage and removal services

If oversized equipment storage during your move is required (e.g., the bulldozer has arrived, but the project doesn’t start for another two weeks), we can assist with this as well with multiple storage facilities across all four major Hawaiian islands.

In addition to transporting your heavy equipment across the ocean and getting it safely to its final destination, we can handle “clean-up” as well, facilitating the removal and transportation of old equipment locally or anywhere in the world.

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