Even though Hawaii is a U.S. state, everyone in Oahu knows that things work a little differently here.

When you’re doing an Oahu move, you want someone who understands the island in and out. After all, it’s not always as simple as just pulling up a full-sized truck or container to the curb and calling it a day. On Oahu, moving companies have to navigate:

  • Low-hanging wires that can restrict access in certain areas
  • Narrow streets, roads, and alleyways
  • Limited parking options along busy streets or within narrow neighborhood streets
  • Steep roads and driveways
  • HOA/neighborhood restrictions regarding equipment and containers
  • Traffic, especially construction zones and road closures

Additionally, it’s difficult to park a shipping container in many Oahu residential neighborhoods. If your container arrives on Oahu packed “loose”—in other words, your items aren’t loaded in liftvans, which are wooden crates that many companies use to pack household goods—your items will either need to get loaded into liftvans for transit or get shuttled to your home using a truck.

We’ve had an office on Oahu since 1982. In all that time, we’ve managed these issues—and plenty more—to deliver safe, easy, and affordable moves.

We’ve executed moves all over the island, including: Diamond Head, Kahala, Kaimuki, Kakaako, Makiki, Manoa, Nuuanu, Punchbowl, Waialae, and Waikiki

As the U.S. Census Bureau defines it, Urban Honolulu is a pretty large swath of land, encompassing a number of different neighborhoods and nearly 350,000 residents. If you’ve spent any time in the area, you know just how diverse it can truly be.  

Take Waikiki, for example. We do deliveries there almost daily, so we know how challenging it can be to find a place to stop a full-sized truck to execute a move.  

Some of the newer condos in Kakaako offer dedicated moving elevators. This can make moves easier, but these buildings may also have strict rules regarding hours of operation and procedures. For example, it’s not uncommon to get elevator access for half a day—and those timeslots book up fast. 

Finally, narrow streets, steep driveways, and limited access in Honolulu’s residential neighborhoods, like Kaimuki and Manoa, may mean we need to get creative and leverage a smaller van as opposed to a full-size truck. Additionally, we may need to load your belongings into liftvans to protect them in transit. 

Either way, our crews know all the neighborhoods of Honolulu well, and we’ll create the right solution for you. 

East Honolulu Moves

Including Moves to Aina Haina, Hawaii Kai, Hawaii Loa Ridge, and Niu Valley

As you drive east out of Honolulu on the H-1 freeway and it turns into Kalanianaole Highway, you’re entering the census-designated place called East Honolulu. You might know it by the neighborhoods in the area, including Hawaii Kai, Hawaii Loa Ridge, Aina Haina, and Niu Valley.  

While many of these neighborhoods have wider streets and more space than you’d find in downtown Honolulu, you’ll still find your share of navigational challenges. For example, the steep hills and inclines often make it difficult to park a container. 

We’ll work closely with you to choose the right equipment for your move. In other words, if you’re doing a move in or around East Honolulu, we’ll handle all the logistics so you don’t have to. 

Pearl City

You’ll find plenty of families in Pearl City, and it’s a convenient place to live for anyone working on base. With a variety of homes in the areaincluding condos, single-family-homes, and even townhouses—there’s not really a “typical” Pearl City move. Our experts will work closely with you to stage your move based on your home’s configuration—and your neighborhood’s.  


Waipahu‘s central location offers a number of conveniences. Plus, the impending opening of the Honolulu rail system promises even more transit options from the area. That said, narrow roads, limited parking, and overhead wires can make Waipahu moves challenging. If you’re moving to or from Waipahu, we may use smaller trucks or vans to access your home and ferry loads to a staging location. Either way, we’ll create a safe, easy, and stress-free plan for your Waipahu move. 

Kailua Moves

Including Moves to Coconut Grove, Lanikai, Kailua Town, and Waimanalo

Living on Oahu’s Windward Coast offers access to some of Oahu’s most picturesque beaches, including Kailua Beach Park and Lanikai Beach. The single-family homes and amenities in this area make it an attractive place for families. Plus, since you’re a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of Oahu, you’ll enjoy a slightly more relaxed pace of life.  

Some areas of Kailua can be a bit challenging for larger equipment, with narrow roads, limited parking, and restricted access down narrow alleyways. Traffic is always a consideration in the Kailua area, and our teams will need to time your move around traffic flow.  

No matter where you’re headed, our team will put together a plan specifically for your Kailua move to make it easy. 


Kaneohe Moves 

Including Moves to Kaneohe Town, Kaaawa, and Hauula 

If you’re working in town, living in Kaneohe can mean a tough commute—but the beauty of the area convinces many to do it, day after day. You’ll enjoy gorgeous views of the area’s white sand beaches and turquoise waters, plus the towering Koolau Mountains that form the area’s backdrop.  

Many of the streets in the Kaneohe area offer pretty easy access for moving. If you’re moving from a more remote area, like Kaaawa or Hauula, that’s no problem for our crew. We’ve done moves all over the island. No matter your neighborhood’s configuration, we’ll put together a plan that offers our crew safe and easy access to your belongings with minimal disruption to your neighbors. 

Mililani Moves 

Including Moves to Mililani Mauka and Mililani Town 

Families love Mililani for its easy access to plenty of stores—including Costco, Home Depot, and Target—plus its top-rated public schools. Residents of Mililani Town also get the use of seven different recreation centers that offer plenty of activities to keep your kids busy. Finally, because Mililani is located at a bit of an elevation—around 625 feet—you’ll enjoy cooler breezes and cooler nights.  

Our crews have done plenty of moves in all areas of Mililani (and we have team members who have lived in the area!) so we can make your Mililani move simple for you.  

Ewa Moves 

Including Moves to Ewa Gentry and Ewa Beach 

Families love the amount of space they get for their money in Ewa Beach. Additionally, the overall Ewa area is popular with servicemembers, since it offers an easy commute to Schofield Barracks Army Base and Air Station Barbers Point.  

Moves to and from the Ewa area, including the Ewa Gentry neighborhoods, are all pretty straightforward. Some neighborhoods do have rules around moving, including where equipment can be staged. Our experts will work closely with you to ensure our crews know all of your neighborhood’s regulations so you enjoy a stress-free move. 

Kapolei Moves 

In the 1977 Oahu General Plan, Kapolei was chosen as Oahu’s “second city.” The goal: to make Kapolei a self-sustaining area, one that had enough jobs, amenities, and resources to rival Honolulu. With several golf courses, plenty of shopping options, and a few community parks, Kapolei offers plenty of reasons to stick close to home.  

Whether you’re living in a Kapolei condominium or a single-family home, our crews will help you make an easy move. We can assist whether you’re moving to a new home on Oahu, to a different Hawaiian Island, or to the mainland. 

Makakilo Moves 

Just across the highway from Kapolei, Makakilo is another burgeoning Honolulu suburb with more affordable real estate costs. The commute into town can be a challenging one, but with so many amenities in the area—and the right job—you might just be able to skip it. Our drivers have navigated all kinds of roads on Oahu, so the hills of Makakilo are a snap for them. We’ll move you in or out of Makakilo with ease. 

Your Oahu Move: Safe, Easy, and Affordable 

When it comes to your Oahu move, you can trust our crews, who have been all over the island, driving all kinds of equipment, and working in all kinds of different homes. Our experienced, trained experts will make your Oahu move simple for you, whether you’re moving across the island or across the Pacific Ocean. Finally, if you’re doing an interisland move, we have crews and offices on Maui, Kauai, and both sides of the Big Island who know their island as well as our crews know Oahu. 

Get started with a complimentary quote today. One of our experts will reach out to find out more about your move—and how we can make it as stress-free as possible. 

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