Short-distance freight pickup and delivery in Hawaii
Drayage services on all major islands: trust the global experts for your local freight needs

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Need cargo picked up from one warehouse and delivered to another on the same island? Or moved from port to warehouse on Oahu, Kauai, Maui, or the Big Island? Leverage the local teams of Hawaii’s largest moving company for all of your commercial short distance pickup and delivery needs.

Royal Hawaiian Movers offers curbside service, inside delivery, restocking, and more, all customized to your needs and location. We’ve earned a reputation as one of the premier Hawaii pickup and delivery companies by giving customers convenient and reliable options for transporting any and all of their goods.

From shipping your freight across the ocean to the last mile on the islands, there’s no better partner for all your cargo transport needs.

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Pickup and delivery, from port to port, and from door to door

When you’re transporting cargo to or from Hawaii, you often require every single type of freight service there is, from loading pallets into an ocean container, to unloading goods at the port, to transferring to warehouses and storefronts on the islands and mainland.

And where some freight companies can only take you as far as the ports, Royal Hawaiian Movers offers short-distance trucking services for both pickup and delivery of your goods, from your place of business to the shipping terminal where they’re loaded into containers, and vice-versa once you have arrived at your final destination. Read More

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Drayage, a.k.a., short-distance pickup and delivery

Part of being a full-service trucking company servicing the remote Hawaiian islands means that no distance is a challenge. Royal Hawaiian Movers’ drayage services are ideal for businesses requiring cargo to be transported a short distance, e.g., from the port to their warehouse, or from a warehouse to a retail location or home.

Unless you’re a shipping professional with experience in container shipping, you’ve likely not heard the term “drayage” very often. It has its etymological origins in the dray horse, which was used to pull a loaded cart short distances, with both the weight of the cart’s goods and the distance traveled being subject to the physical limitations of the horse.

Contemporary use of the word is typically tied to container shipments, and how and where the goods are both picked up and delivered in short distances. It can also be used to refer to the charges incurred for short-distance pickup and delivery. Read More