Trucking service across all of Hawaii
Flatbed trucking, heavy hauling, and more from the experts in Hawaiian moving and cargo transport

Trust Royal Hawaiian Movers for all your local moving needs: residences, offices, and more

With fleets of moving trucks, flatbeds, vans, and heavy hauling equipment, no one is better equipped to meet all your trucking needs across the Hawaiian islands than Royal Hawaiian Movers.

Trucking services for shipping containers? We can help. Need to transport industrial machinery or heavy equipment? We do that, too. Need only a van or box truck? We are there.

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Trucking services for every need, and every place

As a full-service trucking and moving company, Royal Hawaiian Movers comes equipped with all you need to move any cargo or equipment from Hawaii’s multiple ports to any and every locale. This includes local pickup and delivery (a.k.a., drayage) on the major islands.

Trucking in Oahu, from Honolulu to Kawela Bay and everywhere in between; freight services on the Big Island from Hilo to Kona and back; and all across Maui and Kauai. If there’s a road, Royal Hawaiian Movers is on it.

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Timing and tracking are everything

At Royal Hawaiian Movers, your priority is our priority, and you can rest assured that our trucking professionals will have your goods where you need them and when you need them there. We understand that a delay in shipping means a delay in business, and we work around the clock to keep all shipments running smoothly and on-time.

Additionally, we offer robust tracking services across our fleet of vehicles, so if you ever have any questions about exactly where a shipment may be at any given time, we can help. Read More

Local drivers make the difference!

Trucking on Hawaii — simply driving on Hawaii — is not an easy undertaking. Not only are roads tight and subject to closure, but traffic on one of Hawaii’s many two lane “highways” can often come to a complete stop. This is where local drivers who know the best times of day to drive, along with all the shortcuts, can make a huge difference.

Before you try to haul it yourself, contact us. Our local drivers know all the ins and outs unique to trucking in Hawaii, and will make quick work of even the most robust trucking and shipping needs.

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