Whether moving to Oahu, moving to Kauai, moving to Maui, or the Big Island, we have all considered the idea of saving money by packing our boxes ourselves.  While this may seem like the PERFECT idea, specifically in today’s economy, there are a few important things that you need to take into consideration:

First, it is important to know that Hawaii moving companies will seldom give discounts for packing your own items (aka.. your rate per pound may not change).  What this translates to is you doing a lot of work, for little to no benefit.  Make sure that you verify this with your Hawaii moving company before you begin wrapping and securing your items yourself.

Next, and as we sincerely hope that you are working with a true professional Hawaii moving company, versus an online internet broker posing as a real mover, professional movers KNOW how to safely and securely pack your items. This fact alone limits the possibility of damage incurred during transit.

It is also important to understand that any item that you pack will be labeled as a PBO (or Packed By Owner).  Your Hawaii mover will not be held responsible for damage incurred to such items, nor will they unpack these boxes once you have reached your final destination.

Please keep these small tips in mind, and remember to ask your professional mover questions about what exactly they are, and are not liable for during the course of your move.




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