If you are in the process of moving to or from Hawaii and have already had all of your items packed, then congratulations, you are past the hardest part!  Now just sit back and relax and allow the movers to do the rest of the work.   Here are a few tips on how YOU can help the moving process go smoothly.


Make sure that everything is ready the day that the movers arrive.    If possible, clear aside from a spot close to your house or apartment for them to park.  This will make it easier for the movers to move quickly and efficiently from your house or apartment to the moving truck.  If you have items cluttering your walkways, such as potted plants, make sure to clear them out of the way for the movers. 


No one likes to see strangers coming in and out of their neighbor’s home… especially if they are carrying boxes of prized possessions.  This being said, be sure to let your neighbors know BEFORE the moving company arrives at your door.  As the moving truck will take up some space, your neighbor will appreciate being given some prior notice.  Please also make sure not to block your neighbor’s driveway without their permission.  Turning your inconvenience into someone else’s inconvenience will not go over well.

  • Try not to schedule the moving company to come too early in the morning or too late at night.  Noise is inevitable in the moving industry, and your neighbor will certainly appreciate not having to wake up or fall asleep to the sounds of shuffling boxes and moving trucks.


If you have not learned by now, pets and strangers do not mix.  Please make sure to secure your furry friend in an upstairs bedroom or empty room prior to the moving company’s arrival.  Even if Fido LOVES to be around strangers, he/she will still need to be kept out of the mover’s way.


Make sure that your mover knows where everything is going.  If you have items that you will be packing yourself, please make sure to set these aside and mark them as such.  Your mover will make sure to carefully inventory your items, but if you have any specific requests, please do not hesitate to let your mover know.  Remember:  YOU hired THEM.


Manual labor is a tough job.  We are not saying to order filet mignon or halibut for lunch, but a pizza and some iced tea or soda will go a long way with your mover.  The gesture alone will make their day!  Please also make sure to tell them where they can access the sink and bathroom should the need arise.

  • Ahhhh the inevitable question… should you tip your mover?  That is completely up to you.  We typically recommend, as with any service industry-related job, that if you are satisfied with the service that you received, you show it.  Whether you buy your mover lunch or hand them a $20 bill at the end of the day, your mover will appreciate the gesture.
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