The finish line is in sight: You’ve got all your belongings packed up and in transit. You’ve moved everyone in your family to your new location, and you couldn’t be more ready to receive all those boxes and set up your new home. Move-In Day is almost upon you. 

We want to help you finish strong. After moving thousands of families, we’ve got six tips to help you create a simple, stress-free Move-In Day. Using these pointers, you’ll get your family settled in record time, so you can call your move “done!”—and start enjoying your new home. 

We’ll start with one basic, often overlooked (yet critical!) tip to help you avoid the #1 thing that can ruin a Move-In Day before it even gets going. 

Tip #1: Make Sure You’re Absolutely, 100% Ready to Go 

In our 35+ years of moving in Hawaii, we’ve seen everything—and we mean absolutely everything. That includes Move-In Days that got cancelled before they could even get started because we’ve shown up with our truck and discovered:   

  • The house was still in escrow and the new owners weren’t allowed to move in yet.  
  • The new residents haven’t set up their account with the power company and there’s no power in the house. 
  • We can’t get access because no one has the keys to the front door—or any door. 

For the sake of your sanity, make sure you’re 100% ready to go on Move-In Day. At a minimum, this means having a set of keys to the house, with power and water ready to go before your movers show up. 

Tip #2: Clear the Path 

To ensure the safety of your belongings (and your movers’ safety, too!), establish clear paths of access to all areas of your house. Before the truck arrives, do a double-check of the following three locations:  

  1. Outside: Is there a clear area for your movers to park their truck or the container? If you’re moving into an apartment, have you secured the right parking permits? 
  2. On the Way Inside: Are there any obstacles you need to clear, like toys, bikes or porch furniture that could get in the way? If you need elevator access in your new apartment building, have you secured it?  
  3. Inside: Are all the hallways and stairs clear of objects? 

When you can create a clear path for your movers, they’ll be able to unpack more quickly, creating for a much smoother move-in experience. A clear pathway also means a safer move for you, your family and your movers so there’s nothing for anyone to trip on. 

Creating a clear path also means . . .  

Tip #3: Don’t Schedule Cleaners at the Same Time 

We get it: Moving creates a long to-do list. When you can kill two birds with one stone, it feels like a victory. In that vein, you might think you can have your cleaners come at the same time as your movers. If the cleaners start in the kitchen and the movers start in the bedroom, it should work out fine, right? 

Well, unfortunately, your container or truck wasn’t packed room by room. It was packed for safe transit, so it’s hard to say what order your movers will need to work in. Additionally, you’re already going to be coordinating a lot on Move-In Day, so adding another set of logistics in the form of cleaners can add unnecessary stress. 

Your best bet? Schedule a thorough cleaning of your new home the day before your move—or the day after. Trust us, it’s a headache you’ll be happy to avoid. 

Tip #4: Make Arrangements for Your Kids and Your Pets 

Think back to your original Moving Day. If you have kids, what kind of arrangements did you make for them—and did it create less stress? Or more? 

Depending on the ages of your children—and your family’s dynamic—scheduling a play date for your kids can help reduce potential chaos on Move-In Day. Young children can accidentally get in the way of movers. Plus, having your children out of the house could give you that extra focus you need to direct your movers more efficiently. Ultimately, your experience on your first Moving Day will offer a good yardstick for making the decision for Move-In Day. 

No matter what you choose for your children, you’ll definitely want to make sure your pets are safe and secure during Move-In Day. Just like during your first Moving Day, consider: 

  • Securing your pet in a locked room with a sign on the door.  
  • Sending your dog on a play date.  
  • Boarding your furry friends for the day. 

After all, most animals are creatures of habit. Moving can be stressful for them. This may make them more aggressive around strangers or more inclined to bolt outside when the door is open. The last thing we want to see on Move-In Day is a loose pet who’s upset or in danger of getting hurt. Make arrangements early, and you’ll save yourself—and your pets—a ton of stress. 

Tip #5: Keep Surfaces Clear 

If you’re doing a door-to-door move in which your movers will be unpacking your boxes, make sure all of your flat surfaces are empty when your movers arrive. 

Here’s why: 

  • Your movers will take your items out of their boxes, and they’ll place items on the flat surfaces throughout the house. 
  • This allows you to set up your cabinets, dresser drawers, etc., exactly how you want them.  
  • By keeping your counters clear, your movers will be able to unpack your items more quickly.  

Pro Tip from Dennis Schultz, Vice President of Household Goods at Royal Hawaiian Movers: Consider asking your movers to start their unpacking in the kitchen. While your bedroom and your bathroom are the places you probably spend the most time, the kitchen can be the most complicated. Let your movers assist you with your kitchen first. It will eliminate a lot of stress by the end of Move-In Day.  

Tip #6: Clean it Up —the Easy Way 

If you’ve hired a full-service moving company, they’ll take your Move-In Day disposables, like boxes and packing paper, with them. Some companies will even do a one-time pickup to gather any final packing materials after Move-In Day. 

If you’re orchestrating the move on your own, start the process right by staging a few garbage bags and recycling bins throughout your home. If your family bags garbage and sorts recyclables as they go, your final clean-up effort will be that much easier. 

Move-In Day Made Easy 

If Move-In Day is almost upon you, congratulations are in order. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll find yourself settled in your new home. Plus, with these six tips, you’ll know exactly how to make your Move-In Day operate efficiently, putting you even closer to the finish line, even faster. 


Looking for movers who can make your move-in easy? We’d love to help! With 35+ years of experience moving families in the Hawaiian Islands, we’ve seen it all—and we know how to make it simple for you. Just reach out to us, and we’ll send out a Certified Moving Consultant to put together a quote. 

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