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Meet These 13 Famous Surfers Who Hail from Hawaii

Hawaii has long been recognized as the capital of surfing. Accounts written by Europeans who visited the Hawaiian Islands in the late 18th century described this pastime, which, like many aspects of Hawaiian society, was significantly stratified. Hawaii’s royalty enjoyed long boards made of wiliwili trees—as well as priority on waves. Commoners’ boards were made of koa wood. If a commoner dropped in on one of the alii—or stole a wave—it was a serious violation, punishable by death. Given this long history—and the plethora of surf breaks in Hawaii—it’s no surprise that the state turns out a considerable number of talented surfers, some of whom […]

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The Meaning of the Shaka: Hawaii’s Classic Hand Gesture

Is there a more quintessential Hawaii gesture than the shaka? If you’ve never thrown one yourself, give it a try: Curl your middle three fingers toward your palm, then extend your thumb and pinky. Now, making the gesture is easy. The real trick is to find your shaka style—and get comfortable with it. The first few times you throw a shaka, it will probably feel stiff. With practice, though, you’ll find just the right amount of looseness and familiarity you need to use this gesture the way it was intended—to spread aloha. If you’re already living in Hawaii, you’ve probably seen the shaka in all […]

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