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Headed to Hawaii? Enjoy These Things to Do on the Big Island’s Kona Side

There’s a reason they call it the Big Island. As largest island, Hawaii clocks in at a whopping 4,028 square miles. (It’s almost as big as Connecticut, which measures 4,842 mi2!) In fact, the Big Island has more land area than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined.i   Considering the Big Island’s substantial size, visitors sometimes decide to focus their time in one area, such as the Kona side. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to move to the Big Island, you’ll have as much time as you like to explore!  If you’re spending your time on the Kona (or western) side of the island, you’ll find it hotter, drier, and sunnier than the Hilo (eastern) side. As a result, there are a several activities […]

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