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Your 6-Step Checklist for Choosing a Reputable Moving Company 

If you’ve heard the recent reports about the families who are desperately searching for their belongings after getting taken in by a dishonest moving company, you know that moving scams do, unfortunately, happen.  We know how much trust it takes to hand over all of your personal possessions to a new company. We’ve taken that obligation extremely seriously ever since we opened our doors in Hawaii in 1982.   We also know that moves to, from or between the Hawaiian islands require a higher level of trust. With local Hawaii moves, you’re reunited with your possessions the same day, often in just a few hours. However, moves to and from the Mainland—or between islands—mean trusting the entire […]

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7 Unexpectedly Heavy Things You Shouldn’t Move—and 8 Things You Probably Should

Even before downsizing became a global trend, paring down possessions has long been popular with families packing up for a new destination. Moving to Hawaii affords you an opportunity to take a look at everything you own and decide whether it belongs in your new life. Additionally, since your move to Hawaii will ultimately be priced by weight, every piece you move comes at its own cost. Some items might not seem worth it. In that case, it’s time to part ways. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the heaviest household items we move. We’ll show you why you […]

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Crack-down on Unlicensed Internet Brokers

We have all heard about moving horror stories… “You found a moving company online, you gave a deposit, and come moving day, your so called “trusted moving company” sent you a bill for twice the amount they originally quoted.”  Well, good news!!  Times are changing.  Federal and state authorities are working diligently to crack down on online scam artists who pose as licensed movers.  These online brokers are notorious for ripping off consumers by substantially increasing prices, providing fake estimates and holding consumers’ belongings hostage. In the past year alone, states including California, New Jersey, and Illinois, have conducted various undercover operations to expose these […]

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