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Catch the Best Waves on the Big Island at These 8 Surf Spots

When people talk about surfing in Hawaii, the waves on Oahu are usually at the top of the list. However, it would be a mistake to overlook the surfing possibilities on the Big Island. There’s a storied history around Big Island surfing. Hawaiian royalty, including Kamehameha the Great and his wife, Queen Kaahumanu, reportedly surfed the waves that arrived at the Big Island’s leeward shores. Ancient petroglyphs on the Big Island document surfing, and heiau (sacred structures) at revered surf spots stand testament to the prominence of surfing on the Big Island. And let’s not forget: The Big Island is home to big-wave surfer Shane […]

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Headed to Hawaii? Enjoy These Things to Do on the Big Island’s Kona Side

There’s a reason they call it the Big Island. As largest island, Hawaii clocks in at a whopping 4,028 square miles. (It’s almost as big as Connecticut, which measures 4,842 mi2!) In fact, the Big Island has more land area than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined.i   Considering the Big Island’s substantial size, visitors sometimes decide to focus their time in one area, such as the Kona side. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to move to the Big Island, you’ll have as much time as you like to explore!  If you’re spending your time on the Kona (or western) side of the island, you’ll find it hotter, drier, and sunnier than the Hilo (eastern) side. As a result, there are a several activities […]

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8 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Kona

The Big Island may be the youngest in the Hawaiian island chain, but it’s still an island with a lot of history—and a lot to offer.   Historians believe that the first human settlers to the Hawaiian Islands made their initial landfall on the Big Island.i Additionally, the Big Island was also the birthplace and childhood home of King Kamehameha, the first to unite the islands, forming the Kingdom of Hawaii. He also established the kingdom’s first seat of government on the Orchid Isle.  Today, the Big Island is well-known for its dramatic and awe-inspiring natural landscapes. As you tour the island, you’ll find cascading waterfalls, verdant tropical rainforests, 13,000-foot mountain peaks, an active volcano, and long stretches of beach featuring […]

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