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Big Island Ocean Freight Tips: Shipping Cargo to/from Hilo & Kona with Ease

Business owners on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi rely on ocean freight to deliver the supplies that keep their operations moving. To help add ease to your next Big Island ocean freight shipment, we put together this guide. Whether your freight is moving through Hilo Harbor or Kawaihae Harbor, we’ll show you everything you need to know. The must-knows you’ll find below will help you keep your supply chain running efficiently, avoid common Big Island ocean freight pitfalls, and keep your costs manageable. Big Island Freight Must-Know #1: The Island Has Two Ports If you live on the Big Island, you’re probably already aware of...

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Finding a Big Island Local Moving Company: Kona & Kohala Moves

The sheer size of the Big Island can make navigation difficult. Add to that the varying quality and size of the roads—and elevation changes—and it’s no wonder that a Big Island relocation can come with its share of challenges. When you’re doing a move on the Big Island, you want someone who’s familiar with navigating all of these challenges. On the Kona (leeward) side of the island, these include things like: Narrow streets and roads that restrict navigation and offer limited parking Steep roads and driveways that are tough to negotiate with larger equipment Low-hanging wires that can prevent access in certain areas Traffic and...

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Here Comes the Sun: Enjoy the Best Beaches in Kona

What makes a perfect beach day? Ask around, and you’ll likely get a bunch of different answers. Do you prefer wading in calm waters or the thrill of waves crashing at the shoreline? Would you rather a beach bursting with activity where your kids can run and play or a serene and quiet setting dominated by the sounds of the ocean?  Whatever your preferences, there’s one thing most everyone can agree on: sunny skies. Whether you enjoy them from under an umbrella or spread out on the sand so you can soak up every ray, the cheery rays of the sun make any beach day better.  The Kona coast of the Big Island is a great destination for beach-going. Due to the weather patterns...

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