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Current Pet Scams to Watch For

We want to dedicate this blog post to address a new trend that is targeting online search users: Pet Scam Artists.    We have all heard of money scams, investment scams, etc. but who would have ever thought that individuals would begin to prey on and take advantage of online puppy buyers, displaying cute puppy pictures and offering false promises. This new internet scam is as bad as they come, as these pet scam artists frequently operate from overseas, leaving it almost impossible for victims to get their money back or take legal action.  Would-be puppy and dog owners are currently being taken for emotional and […]

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Crack-down on Unlicensed Internet Brokers

We have all heard about moving horror stories… “You found a moving company online, you gave a deposit, and come moving day, your so called “trusted moving company” sent you a bill for twice the amount they originally quoted.”  Well, good news!!  Times are changing.  Federal and state authorities are working diligently to crack down on online scam artists who pose as licensed movers.  These online brokers are notorious for ripping off consumers by substantially increasing prices, providing fake estimates and holding consumers’ belongings hostage. In the past year alone, states including California, New Jersey, and Illinois, have conducted various undercover operations to expose these […]

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