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The Ponds of Puna in Hilo

A quick 40 minute drive out of Hilo, through beautiful trees and greenery, you will find the Ahalanui Hot Ponds – or the warm Ponds of Puna. I am a 2002 transplant from Oahu, and now a resident of lower Puna, and this beautiful pond has become my favorite place to unwind and relax after a busy work week. The pond is a natural water inlet where fresh and sea water pools together. It’s a beautiful and soothing atmosphere amidst warm ocean breezes, and beautiful coconut trees. The most delightful and unique aspect of the “warm ponds”, is that the water is naturally and volcanically […]

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Whale Watching on Maui

The first sighting of the return of the humpbacks to the Hawaiian Islands took place off of Maui on October 20, 2012. Humpback whales migrate to Hawai’i on an annual basis during the winter months to mate and give birth. The sighting serves as a reminder of the upcoming whale season, which traditionally runs from November through May. Peak whale watching months are typically January through March. In early May the last of the remaining mothers and their calves depart the Islands for Alaska. Of all the islands, Maui is best known for having the greatest concentration of whales which can easily spotted off its […]

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