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Moving to Portland? The PNW Lifestyle Awaits…

Whether you call it Stumptown, the City of Roses, PDX, or Beervana, the city of Portland has a ton to offer its residents: easy access to outdoor fun, a burgeoning food scene, plenty of arts and cultural opportunities and much, much more. Now, we won’t sugar coat it: If you’re coming from sunny Hawaii, you might start missing the state’s 240 average sunny days each year. Portland has about 144 on average, and the U.S. average is 205. That being said, Portland life has its perks, and we’ll give you a brief tour of them in this article. We’ll also give you a leg up […]

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The Ponds of Puna in Hilo

A quick 40 minute drive out of Hilo, through beautiful trees and greenery, you will find the Ahalanui Hot Ponds – or the warm Ponds of Puna. I am a 2002 transplant from Oahu, and now a resident of lower Puna, and this beautiful pond has become my favorite place to unwind and relax after a busy work week. The pond is a natural water inlet where fresh and sea water pools together. It’s a beautiful and soothing atmosphere amidst warm ocean breezes, and beautiful coconut trees. The most delightful and unique aspect of the “warm ponds”, is that the water is naturally and volcanically […]

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