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Living on Kauai: Your Insider’s Guide to Making Your Home on the Garden Isle 

If you love getting out and enjoying the outdoors—and you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of mainland life—Kauai is the place to be. Each of the Hawaiian islands has its own distinct character, as you’ll discover when deciding which island you want to call home. Many think of Kauai as the polar opposite of busy Oahu. It’s an island that’s pretty much all “country” with very little “city” to speak of.   People come to Kauai to enjoy a slower pace of life. When you move to the Garden Isle, you’ll find plentiful opportunities to get out and enjoy Kauai’s natural landscape, whether you enjoy shoreline fishing, hiking, surfing or […]

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Two Affordable Alternatives for Shipping Household Goods from Hawaii to the Mainland  

No move is exactly the same. That’s something we discovered early on into our 35+ years of moving families to, from, in and around the Hawaiian islands.   That’s also why it’s industry-standard practice (as well as your right under the law!) to receive a complimentary in-person survey before your mover creates a quote. In order to put together the right plan—and an accurate quote—it’s important for your moving company to get eyes on all of your stuff.  For example, if you’re moving to the Mainland, you might have enough to fill a container on your own—or you might not. An in-person survey will help your moving company make a recommendation you can rely on.   If you don’t need an […]

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