Furniture, fixtures, and equipment or FF&E refers to all items in a building, such as furniture, artwork, window treatments and lighting, which are not part of the structure or utilities. They are also sometimes referred to as furniture, fixtures, and accessories (FF&A). They are the parts of the building that greatly affect the experience clients, customers, employees, and guests have at facilities. A number of professionals from hotel managers to interior designers have developed skill in selecting and procuring FF&E. The right full-service transportation and logistics partner can add value and reduce costs throughout the process.

Whether the project is an office and industrial (O&I) move, new construction, or a renovation, you’ll need to plan for the transportation and installation of FF&E products.

So How Do You Find The Best Full-Service FF&E Company?

Royal Hawaiian Movers has had the privilege to work on several FF&E projects. Based on our experience the following are the best attributes to look for in an FF&E transportation partner.

Project Management

An FF&E company with project management capabilities can help with determining the scope of your project. Additionally, FF&E companies with phase planning experience can help with more accurate budgeting and better resource scheduling, saving time and money.

Fleet of Trucks and Trailers

Beyond scheduling resources, an FF&E company that has integrated transportation can help to make the FF&E process more efficient by allocating resources from their own fleet. This allows them to handle pick-ups – including container drayage – and deliveries of everything from shelving to heavy medical equipment without coordinating with other companies.

Some moving companies provide extra value by providing additional manpower to help with construction-related tasks.

*Phase planning and storage are especially helpful together when a project requires room by room, department by department, or floor by floor installations.


Warehousing is important to FF&E for two reasons: 1) Storing products off-site until it is time to install keeps valuable operational space open for business during the process. 2) Products can be inspected for damage and staged for delivery, helping to keep the project on time and reducing the risk of damage.

Since storage space in Hawaii is both costly and scarce, storage on the mainland can be an effective way to control costs while ensuring that products are on hand when needed. Royal Hawaiian Movers partners with our sister company Approved Freight to provide warehousing in Southern California. Approved Freight offers sailings to Hawaii two times weekly

*Phase planning and storage are especially helpful together when a project requires room by room, department by department, or floor by floor installations.

Installation services

Efficiency throughout the entire FF&E process is important, but the most important part is the installation.  The best transportation service partners offer final installation services to make the project seamless from start to finish.

Royal Hawaiian Movers Makes FF&E Easy

Royal Hawaiian Movers has experience with a wide variety of O&I and FF&E projects including popular Hawaii hotels and military barracks. Our goal is to make transportation worry-free, so we provide the right combination of services that allow our customers to focus their attention on the other parts of their FF&E projects. We specialize in getting your FF&E products to Hawaii, then we provide storage, sorting and segregating, delivery, installation, and rubbish (debris) removal. Royal Hawaiian Movers can also help reduce the environmental impact of your project by providing storage for items that may be repurposed or resold and by offering recycling services. Even better, we offer these services at each of our locations: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island – Hilo and Big Island – Kailua-Kona.

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