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Fun Activities to Do in Maui

Updated 8/9/2021 With 727 square miles of land, ~120 miles of coastline, 80+ beaches, and two (now-dormant) volcanoes that made it the island it is today there are countless ways to enjoy your time on Maui. Whether you’re a visitor, a new arrival, or a long-time resident, you’ll find something for everyone on our list of attractions, activities, and things to do on Maui. Let’s start with one of the features that calls people to Maui time and time again—that gorgeous blue Pacific water and all the wonders that lie underneath.  1. Grab Your Gear and Go Snorkeling  The perfect snorkel spot is always up for debate, and it’s a distinction […]

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Should I Move to Hawaii? Here’s How to Decide

The decision to move to Hawaii from California etc. is more complicated than the decision to move to a new destination within the continental 48 states. While relocation to Hawaii does not have to be permanent, it is more expensive, time-consuming, and stressful than a land-based move, so it is much more difficult to return to the states if you become homesick or are simply unhappy in your new environment.

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Tips from the Pros: Moving Wine and Alcohol to Your New Home

When you’re transitioning to a new house, bringing all the comforts of home and getting them set up in your new spot will help it feel like your own—fast. For some people, “all the comforts of home” involves things like an extensive wine collection, a full bar, or even just a few collectable bottles they’ve planned to save for a special occasion. As a result, one of the big questions we get when we’re moving people to and from Hawaii is: “Can I take my wine and/or alcohol with me?” The answer? Yes—with a couple of caveats. First and foremost, if you’re packing a container […]

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